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IMG_1458The yoga that we practice at Satva Yoga Chiang Mai Thailand is therapeutic, when applied with knowledge and understanding.
We look for imbalances and holding patterns that have developed in an individual.


Imbalances come from years of incorrect movement and posture. From this information we than apply the necessary poses and bodywork to achieve our goals.
At first there will be an unwinding process. Identifying the pattern that we have developed over the years of repetitive movement and than begin an unwinding process. Which is an attempt to break the pattern and re-educate the body by introducing corrective movement patterns.
After many years of yoga and bodywork, Satva Yoga realized that combining the two modalities will give the best results.


Prop Usages For Therapy


IMG_1293For therapeutic yoga we use many props. We have a bamboo wall that is really amazing, with unlimited possibilities as far as asana is concerned.


We use the wall for support at different heights. This enables us to hold poses for long periods of time without getting fatigued. Also enabling one to go deeper into poses. Using the wall will help to increase ones body awareness, which is essential in the healing process.
We use inversion slings attached to the bamboo wall. The inversion sling can be used for spinal traction, elongating the spine. As well as many other uses. We use blocks, bolsters, straps and more.


IMG_1455The bodywork that we incorporate is structural bodywork from training in Soma Therapy (an offshoot of Rolfing) and Therapeutic Thai Massage combined. Satva Yoga Chaing Mai Thailand uses advanced massage techniques including myofascial spreading. A technique that actually stretches and releases the fascia of the body.


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Therapy will be one on one sessions. Sessions usually last between one and a half to two hours. The intention of the therapy is to educate the client (student) to be able to eventually become independent of the therapist. To gain enough understanding and confidence to work on their own.


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