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IMG_1458Thai Structural Yoga Bodywork is a combination of Structural Bodywork, Thai Massage and Yoga Therapy.

We assess the body to determine imbalances and holding patterns.

Combining Therapeutic Bodywork, Therapeutic Yoga Techniques,including breath work, Core and Stabilization Work, we re-educate the body to realign itself.

Thereby opening up energy pathways that will enable the body to heal.
By taking a good look at the body (body reading) we can determine the correct treatment to bring the body back into balance.
In life our body movements are repeated over and over again for many years. For example a violin player will sit for long hours at a time holding the violin against his shoulder with his chin pressing against it. He will hold the instrument with one hand while the other hand uses a bow to create the sound.

How does this affect him?

IMG_1450The body is actually held in this unusual twisted position for many hours at a time for many years.

Very good chance he will develop neck, upper back and maybe shoulder problems.

In order to prevent these problems, he will have to create a strategy to counter balance these holding positions. An unwinding of the body is necessary.

Using structural massage techniques combined with therapeutic yoga positions as well as some breath work we can bring this person closer to a balanced state. Best way to correct chronic imbalances.


How Can We Help?

Picture 456Individual sessions as well as training is available at Satva yoga Chaing Mai Thailand. Simply contact us for more information.