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Chiang Mai Yoga Aerial Yoga Pose 1Aerial Yoga is an excellent way to increase strength, flexibility, balance and body awareness.
It can also be used to correct many chronic problems because of the spinal lumbar and cervical traction element of this unique type of yoga practice. In order to perform many of the various positions core strength is required. At the same time for students that are lacking core strength, Aerial Yoga will improve core strength and flexibility in a relatively short period of time.
Because of the support from the hammocks many yoga positions can be held for a longer period of time than just free standing yoga poses.
Practicing yoga poses while being suspended in air requires the activation of the bodies stabilizing muscles. Strong stabilizing muscles leads to greater strength and less injuries.
in our approach to Aerial Yoga we put a lot of emphasis on alignment. One could actually call it alignment in motion.

We Take Students From Beginner to Advanced

As a beginning student we will take you step by step through the necessary sequences that will help to develop the skills required to reach the next level. Feel free to contact us and learn more.