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Welcome to Satva Yoga and Bodywork in Chiang Mai Thailand

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Hello, we are a center for integrating yoga, and Thai structural bodywork. Satva Yoga's Thai structural bodywork combines the best of deep tissue with the best of Thai massage. We take a holistic approach to yoga and bodywork. Our mission in yoga is to teach students how to practice by them selves. Our focus is on alignment, working with feeling and under standing. In yoga and bodywork the main objective is balance.

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Working with correct body alignment and breath, we can achieve this. We have been  body working for more than 30 years and practicing yoga for 40 years. Our classes are small, so everyone gets our full attention. Our training's are very informal. The learning experience should be joyful in order to bring out our full potential.

 One of the  aims of the yoga training is to begin working on ourselves. Increase body awareness, and ultimately heal ourselves. in order to be good body workers we must balance our own stuff. physically, emotionally and spiritually. When our channels are open, we will have the ability to help others.

 To be happy in life we must serve others”  quote from the Dalai Lama. 

At Satva we teach a blend of YOGA - THAI MASSAGE- STRUCTURAL DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE. One of the main objectives of both Yoga and Bodywork is to create Balance, Phycically, Energetically, Emotionally, Intellectually and Blissfully. We also believe that it’s important to develop an individualized yoga practice. One that is specific to your own personal needs.

 We can teach you to gain more understanding of yoga Asana. How to perform them correctly, and what it may or may not be good for. Gain knowledge, understanding, and confidence in yourself and in life. We must learn to work on ourselves, and grow. Than we will be in a better position to help others.

One of the things Yoga and Bodywork have in common in that we must find our blocks or imbalances, and than clear them. Through the correct practice of Yoga and Bodywork we become balanced in life. This is our goal. But it cannot be done for you. Come to Satva Yoga and Bodywork.

 Begin the journey. Through the practice of Yoga and Pranayama (breathing techniques), we gain more body awareness and sensitivity. This is why it is an amazing way of reaching your full potential in everything that you do. Become more in-tune with your sense of touch, tune- in to your intuitive side. Learn to feel and work from the heart!!!.  


Deep Tissue Yoga Massage

An open practice  for students of all levels,that combines the best of the western and eastern massage therapies and yoga techniques.

  • Learn how to work in a way that will allow your energies to flow freely.
  • Learn how to detect problems in the body.       
  • Learn strategies that will correct imbalances within your body and Chakra system.            
  • Choose massages with herbal oils and lubricants, for freeing blockages.                            
  • Learn about doshas: kapha, pitta, vata and hot to balance them. 
  • Benefit greatly from the combination of pressure points, deep tissue massage and yoga type stretches.
  • Learn how your body reacts better to pressure points.                                      

Yoga on the ball

Yoga on the ball will balance your body and mind. Essential for anyone interested in becoming a body worker or any one looking for a more balanced life.

Yoga on the ball enables you to:

  • Develop core strength and balance.

  • Breath properly.

  • Get deeper into your poses and staying safe.

  • Enjoy a good massage from lying on the ball.

Yoga With Props

The usages of yoga  props started back in 1937 when Bellur Krishnamachar Sundararaja Iyengar (B.K.S. Iyengar) began to teach yoga with props. Iyengar was born with influenza pandemic (Spanish Flu) leaving him sickly and weak.

 Iyengar's father died when he was 9 years old, and he continued to suffer from a variety of maladies in childhood, including malaria,  tuberculosis, typhoid fever, and general malnutrition. When Iyengar turned 15 he went to live with Sri Tirumalai Krishnamacharya in Mysore, which is where Iyengar began to learn asana practice with the usage of props. This improved his health and helped him overcame his childhood weaknesses.

Yoga props are used:
  • To improve alignment.

  • To increase flexibility.

  • To hang upside down and improve blood circulation for all organs.

  • For deep stretching, and optimal spinal posture.

Yoga For Beginners

Learning the basics of yoga can be very easy for some and extremely challenging for others. Because everyone is built differently, they will have different strengths and weaknesses, but in yoga everyone benefits equally.

Yoga For Beginners includes:
  • The traditions of yoga.

  • The anatomy of the human body and brain.

  • The basics of meditation.

  • The foundations of yoga for a safe practice.

  • Nutritional guidelines for your body type.

Core Strengthening Pilates

The core strengthening pilates system , was developed in the early 2000’s and uses the mind to control the core’s postural muscles, which keeps the body balanced.

This is essential for spinal support and awareness of the breath . With the alignment of the spine you will strengthen the deep torso muscles improving your yoga practice.

Core Strengthening Pilates will:
  • Develop controlled movement from your core.

  • Benefits the alignment of the spine.

  • Get you into great shape quickly.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa yoga is very empowering. Experienced practitioners get a meditation high from the controlled movements and breath. The Vinyasa flow is a combination of postures creating a flow between the more common yoga poses. Vinyasa flow is “moving with your breath”. The breath controls the movement with the length of time held in each of the yoga postures (in Sanskrit known as asanas).

Vinyasa Yoga will:
  • Connect your body, mind and soul.

  • Teach you how to flow with your breath.

  • Teach you all the postures(asanas) in English and Sanskrit.

  • Teach you the usages of bandhas and when to engage each to protect your posture.

  • Guide you to a sensational meditation.

  • Help you combine the proper asanas for each pose, with a calm mind in a challenging state.  

Satva Yoga in Chiang Mai, Thailand has over 30 years of bodywork experience!

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